The reasons why WAZA is suitable for
B2B business

You can directly have transactions
Japanese manufacturers.


Finally you can buy real Japanese products from manufacturers
that have not been able to promote
their products due to the complicated
procedures of trading.
Now Japanese manufacturers
that provide rare and high-quality products
are been accessible at this platform for people outside of Japan.

Some of the manufacturers provide their products at
the minimum quantity of lots from 1PC


There is an unbelievable quantity
in whole sale industry.
Even if you are an owner
of a small retail shop,
you can directly buy products
from the manufacturers in Japan easily.

Most of the products on this platform are
not distributed in markets.


There are many products
that cannot be produced in a large scale,
such as regional products,
handmade products, etc.

You can stand out
from the competition.


By buying quality Japanese products through WAZA,
you can stand out
from all of your competitors.

You can check the products and the companies
via videos.


You can feel the atmosphere
of the manufacturers,
most of which have long histories,
by watching videos
that show their professionalism,
and their production process.

Easy to use


please let us know which products
that you are interested in.
We, at "WAZA",
will facilitate and support
your transactions.
You do not have to do anything other than wait for the products you order.

We are looking forward to your requests.


If you are interested in any products
that are not on WAZA’s site,
but would like to buy,
please let us know,
and we will try to negotiate with manufacturers.

Kawamura seichu

We are a manufacturer of handicraft material representing Japan for over 70 years. Kawamura seichu Address: 1-1-5 Hakusan-cho tajimi-city Gifu Country: Japan Zip code: 507-0038 Instagram: kintenma Contact us We are a man...


ALL NON-GMO NON-CHEMICL!! A Japanese manufactured Health supplement that is particular about raw materials and results. (e.g. High-quality green juice・Royal jelly・Dashi(Japanese bouillon powder) PAID SAMPLE Kenkou seikatsu g...

Studio DIVA

You can have a series of experiences of workshop for shooting wearing Japanese style costumes and getting to know Japanese culture by an exclusive photographer for Miss Japan competition.


This is the Japanese traditional snack that people from overseas are attracted which has been already begun to be sold through trading companies

Green wind

Feel the quick effect against health of from animalsand plants to humans! The natural active enzyme water to get rid of the smell momently.

Matsuoka Seika

This is the Japanese traditional snack that people from overseas are attracted which has been already begun to be sold through trading companies

Farmhouse N to N

A house run by green tea farmers providing bed and meals; (Green tea Workshop & dishes cooked using so much green tea.) enu to enu(ENU AND ENU) Address: 30 Nakasugaya sourakugun Kyoto Country: Japan Zip code: 619-1205 Japa...

Kinjitou corporation

World’s first! Three-dimensional Kanji Accessories made with Real gold plating. Kinjito Co,. Ltd Adress: 47-5 akabane chigasaki-city kanagawa Country: Japan Zip code: 253-0001 JapaneseWEBSITE: Contact ...