Waza~sublime Japan is a website which showcases special traditional Japanese items and technology that are not known to the rest of the world.

Through our website, you can contact Japanese producers and service providers who will ship their goods directly. You will see and meet them, and experience their high quality technology and service.


Japan’s unique cultural products, such as Japanese cuisine, sushi, and anime have become more and more popular all over the world.

These original Japanese products are made the way they used to be in the past. Their creators are very particular about the materials that go into them, and they employ traditional manufacturing methods, putting their hearts into the products through uniquely Japanese techniques.

We produce high quality Japanese goods through high-level techniques and special materials: we call this the “Miracle”
These products cannot be mass-produced.
We not only seek profit – we constantly ask ourselves, “How can we please our customers?” This is, essentially, all we consider. We never stop striving to improve our business, so we are always researching on behalf of our customers in the hopes that we can exceed their expectations.

The name “Waza” originates from the Japanese words for “skill” and “technical.”
We use this word to mean “(uniquely) Japanese skills.”We hope that the opportunity to contact producers and manufactures who utilize these rare and special Japanese Waza techniques will make you very excited! What you see on our platform is rarely found through regular distribution channels or retailers. However, through “Waza~sublime Japan”, you are able to communicate with the producers directly and have the products shipped directly from them. These producers are the true specialists, technicians, service providers. Some of them don’t even use the internet.How can we possibly find these products - often made by craftpeople who are quite shy – and their interesting shops? Of course, not many tourists or foreigners can find such rare items, but these are the best products. The Japanese manufactures, technicians, and master craftspeople who make our products are always researching how to better produce items to make customers happy. However, many of them have been forced to shut down their businesses because they couldn’t connect with prospective buyers. We aim to make true Japanese products enjoyable throughout the world and intend for Japanese culture and techniques to succeed into the future. Every day, traditional Japanese culture and techniques are disappearing because of the rise of inexpensive mass production.
There are still many wonderful things in Japan that are not known to the outside world. I hope you enjoy the opportunity to touch and experience the authentic rarities of Japan. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy uniqueness and beauty of the Japanese-made products on our platform.
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Email: info@waza-sublimejapan