The Japonism

[The Japonism ]
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A4(210x297mm) $200/€165
B2(594x841mm) $480/€395
A1(841x1189mm) $680/€560

About products

These photo masterpieces are original works in which Mr. Yamaguchi expressed
the Japanese sense of beauty through his own unique vision.
They are reputed to be Japanese classical modern, and their evaluation is very high.

We have about 50 works available.

Here is the web page to see and buy his works.

All of these works are created applying the technique called Giclee which is applying pigments to fabrics of a canvas.
The finishes of those works are really classy and durable.

Selected works that the creator strictly picked out by checking the colors and texture come with Mr. Yamaguchi’s autograph.

For a limited time, all of the works come with his autograph.

Every collection of his works express Japanese sense of beauty with his own unique sense, and are noted for being beautiful and rare.

Since we ship out the printed fabrics to you, you can decorate them with frames.

There are margins surrounding the works, this enables them to be decorated on the wall as panels.
If you decorate them that way, you can easily clean them by just wiping with a cloth.