The workshop & photos taken at the workshop

The workshop & photos taken at the workshop
“Genuine Japanese costumes & the workshop itself allow foreign tourists to get to know Japanese culture & taking commemorative photos.”

Are you interested in Japanese culture?
If you have a chance to visit to Tokyo,
Would you like to experience wearing a genuine Kimono,
not imitation, which brings you back to the era when Samurai lived?
These activities are not introduced in guidebooks.

Because it is very difficult for our staff to accept
and welcome a lot of people at the same time.
This workshop is to experience Japanese culture.
But people can only learn about this workshop from others.
If you want to experience authentic Japanese culture, besides just sightseeing,
you should participate in this workshop.

Here is the link for the schedules, and the prices etc.

Recommended Courses
Dressing in a Yukata, and setting your hair in a style that matches with a Kimono.
Take a walk wearing a Yukata through the local districts & take commemorative photos.

Introduction of Noh Drama, and experiencing the basic form of it, and being able to take commemorative photos.

Lessons about the manners while you are wearing a Kimono, and experiencing Nihon Buyo(Classic Japanese dance): a classical Japanese dance, and being able to take commemorative photos.

All of our teachers are Mr. Naoya Yamaguchi’s trusted colleagues.
They have top-class abilities and experience for performances in Japan.
This is why the contents of this workshop can be rarely experienced,
even for Japanese people.
The lectures are conducted in English, and taking commemorative photos at the genuine studio is included in all of the courses.
Since you receive the data and actual prints of the photos, you can return to your
homes with a memorable souvenir from Japan.
And as for the walking course while wearing a Yukata,
you can have your photos taken by a professional photographer while walking in the area “Sendagi” amongst the nostalgic atmosphere of Japan.

Here is the link to the details of the workshop