Price: US $40~/ 1PC
( price negotiable depending on quantity )
Capacity: 1L / 1Bottle
Size: H10cm x W13cm x D6cm
Min Order: 16 bottle~
Delivery Time: Shipped within 1 week after payment confirmation.
Mineral ingredients:
Calcium ,potassium ,phosphorus ,magnesium ,sulfur ,silicon ,sodium etc,
Country of Origin: Made in Japan
Easy to use
(Purpose of use differs depending on how much you dilute the enzyme with water)
・To use as a deodorizer, dilute by 100 times
・To apply to plants, dilute by 500 times
・To apply to animals, dilute by 500 times
・To drink, dilute by 100 times
・As for applying to your skin, dilute by10 times and spray on your skin.

And also, you can alter the amount of dilution most suitable for yourself.
There is no harm even if you consume too much
It’s just a waste though.

Please try and feel the effects before and after!!

About the products
The recipe is a trade secret, but it was created by complex fermentation of extracts from 8 plants, such as: bamboo, plum, fig, soybean curd refuse, pulp and molasses.
It may surprise you, but it is completed by decomposing this fermented liquid with numerous microorganisms.

Depending on how you use it, there are many usages.
For example:
・Put a small amount into the washing machine, when washing clothes.
・Spray it in your car to get rid of lingering smells.
・To prevent bad breath, spray it in your mouth as a breath freshener.
・Spray it after smoking
・Drop a bit of it in a flower vase to vitalize flowers.

So many positive comments from the people who used this ZERO NO CHIKARA.
Currently in Japan,
Micro-organisms are being used to deodorize composting plants and pig farms.
Also, many people with chronic diseases have lessened their suffering, and there are stories of rejuvenated pets and house plants.It is full of surprises, and many people are astonished at the true power of nature.