Gokujou natural soup stock

Gokujou natural soup stock
(Gokujou means use of select ingredients strictly)

Price: US $14~/1Box (Can be negotiated )
Min Order:5 Boxs~
Inner capacity: 256g/9.03oz(8g/0.282oz x 32bags)
Gross weight: 320g/11.29oz
BOX Size: H19cm x W13cm x D4.5cm
Salt(Sun-dried salt),Sugar beet(natural), Powder of bonito, Dextrin, Powder of extract of Bonito, Yeast extract, Powder of sea cabbage.
Substance of a pouch:
Calorie:258Kcal, Protein:15.9g, Fat:0.5g, Carb:47.5g, Natrium:13.1mg
Delivery Time: Shipped within 1 week after payment confirmation.
Country of Origin: Made in Japan
JapaneseWEBSITE: http://www.ksg-yuuai.co.jp/