Katsusen royal jelly

Katsusen royal jelly
Price: US $73~/1Box (Can be negotiated )
Min Order: 5 Boxs~
Inner capacity: 48.6g/1.71oz
Gross weight: 78g / 2.75oz
BOX Size: H9cm x W4.5cm x D4.5cm
Royal jelly, Starch syrup of reduced malt sugar, Starch, Powder of sea weed, Vegetable oil containing vitamin E, Calcium of shell, Microcrystalline cellulose, Corn protein, Vegetable oil, Arabian gum, Carnauba wax, Gelatin, Glycerin.
Delivery Time: Shipped within 1 week after payment confirmation.
Country of Origin: Made in Japan
JapaneseWEBSITE: http://www.ksg-yuuai.co.jp/
About the products
Our royal jelly is processed so that the royal jelly is only combined with freshly collected honey which doesn’t break down in gastric acid and so it is directly assimilated in our bowels.
This has been registered as a brand name in Japan.