Farmhouse N to N

A house run by green tea farmers providing bed and meals;
(Green tea Workshop & dishes cooked using so much green tea.)
enu to enu(ENU AND ENU)
Address: 30 Nakasugaya sourakugun Kyoto
Country: Japan
Zip code: 619-1205
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You can have a range of great experiences processing green tea while you are staying with the farmer.
The farmers of N and N cultivate 20 kinds of tea at their old-style Japanese house/farm.
You can experience picking green tea leaves, processing green tea, making tea and so on.
Learning about green tea, and its taste will surely change your original impression of green tea.

Even among Japanese people, there are rarely opportunities to taste green tea which comes directly from the green tea farmers.

You will be offered dishes which use a lot of green tea, as well as various seasonal ingredients.

You can experience an aspect of traditional Japanese lifestyle!! This farm house is really popular these days, and knowledge of its existence is spread via word of mouth.

Please watch the trailer for introduction of the farm house as your reference.
Experience the authentic Japan.
Becoming one of the locals gives you easygoing time.
Valuable time absorbing the experiences of Green Tea farmers, and learning about Green Tea.
Green tea experience & bed and meals
Japanese ¥ 12,000 ~ / 1stay
Japanese ¥9,000 / 1stay Only breakfast
Japanese ¥3,500 / Only Lunch
Capacity : 2 ~6people per group per day
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Mr,Kazuo Kita is one of the leading Green tea and Matcha farmers in Japan.
His farm is in Wazuka town, Kyoto, which has been respected for its Matcha in Japan
for the past 100 years.

Wazuka town is a top production area of Matcha and Uji tea(which is a type of Green
tea only made from leaves that can be picked in a few specific areas in Japan) .
Among those Green Tea producers, Mr.Kazou Kita runs his own farm with his wife to
cultivate more than 20 kinds of Organic Green Tea.
You can seldom find farms that cultivate so many kinds of Green tea like his farm. In
addition, he is considered a very skillful farmer.

The distribution systems in Japan do not enable you to buy Green tea directly
from farms.

Farms are good producers though, not good sellers.
That situation has made it impossible for end users to buy the Green tea directly
from farms.

Green tea is not only enjoyed as a drink
but you can also eat it in a variety of ways.
Wazuka town is a bit different from the historical and touristy Kyoto originally
imagined by people.
The town is becoming an underpopulated area in Kyoto
And a lot of the Japanese old style houses are becoming vacant houses.
Although the town is located in Kyoto, it is situated in the mountains, so there are
only tea gardens in the area.
This place was established in order to give people the chance to experience truly
delicious Green tea,
Mr.Kazuo Kita’ s daughter Noriko, who is good at cooking, began to run a house
providing bed and meals

Only one group per day is provided for at the house.
You can enjoy the pleasant sounds of local birds and comforting breezes…
At times the voice of Mr. Kazuo Kita calling his daughter may reach your ears.

His daughter, Noriko, is an excellent cook.

She cooks many dishes using lots of Green tea and Matcha which represents popular
tastes of Japan.
・Tempura of tea leaves
・Steamed fish and matcha
・Numerous dishes using green tea salt
・Boiled tea leaves
・Sweets made from tea

Noriko is also good at cooking with freshly picked vegetables and seasonal

You can enjoy an easygoing time in the peaceful mountains.
Your request to experience picking tea leaves, and learning how to make good tea is
accommodated for in workshops

You can make genuine Green Tea and take a tour of a Matcha factory…
You can experience a workshop about the Japanese tea ceremony with Matcha
whisks and Matcha bowls made by the farmers themselves.
You can enjoy a luxurious time resonating with tea in a traditional house all to

When Noriko was a child, she used to observe her parent’s passions about tea
And now she tries to spread the traditions of tea in a new way using her special
“I hope people will taste the Green tea that my parents dedicated their efforts to.”
“I hope people will try the real taste of Green tea which is surely impressive”

Devotedly keeping these wishes in mind, I welcome guests who come to the farm
Vegetarian dishes can be cooked for you, upon request.
If you like, we can have a tour around various recommended spots in the area.
Such as stores where you can buy antiques found from old Japanese houses.
Please come and visit our town to have an easygoing time with some genuine tea