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Since only natural, valuable materials are used for this product,
it cannot be produced in great quantity.
That is also why they are not distributed locally,
but you can buy it directly from our Japanese local producers.
In Japan, this product is sold at beauty salons, and also through various online communities.
An emeritus professor of Univ. of Tokyo discovered enzymes that can reach to your intestine without being dissloved by gastric acid, and so he established Stuff of Life Co., Ltd. in 2002.
The effect of these enzymes is skin-beautifying(young skin again), anti-aging, and natural laxative, etc…
Once you try this item, you will definitely notice its effect.
World beauticians know that enzymes play a key role in beauty and maintenance.
One of the main reasons why Japanese people tend to look younger than they are is due to their environments in which various enzymes occur naturally..
You can try our drink filled with fresh enzymes, and feel its effect.

Please watch the trailer of the product shown below.

Buy it online, directly from the local producers in Japan.
Why don’t you try to regenerate the living enzymes in your intestines, the source of Japanese beauty, in your life?
You can certainly feel the difference.
Celebmin Beauty
Capacity: 600ml / 1Bottle
Min Order : 2 bottle~
Delivery Time: Shipped within 1 week after payment confirmation.
ENM (organic microbial fermented extract), sweet glucose, collagen peptide (derived from fish gelatin), dietary fiber, glucosamine (derived from crab), galacto-oligosaccharide, shark cartilage extract (containing chondroitin), wheat extract, vitamin (B1, B2 , B6, VC), citric acid, perfume, caramel color, hyaluronic acid, sucralose)
Country of Origin: Made in Japan

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People from overseas often say that Japanese people look younger than they are,
and that they have clear skin.
Now in Europe, there are a lot of shops that specialize in ingredients based upon
Japanese dishes which they believe is a stimulus for beauty.
Why are Japanese dishes able to bestow positive benefits to skin and aging?
The reason is due to the popular Japanese food culture of fermentation.
There are many examples, miso, soy sauce, pickles, natto(fermented soybeans), etc.
Fermented foods contain a wealth of enzymes.
The greatest advantage of enzymes is their natural ability to create a
healthy intestinal environment.
Enzymes are weak against heat, though.
Many Japanese fermented foods such as natto(fermented soybeans) contain bacillus
subtilis which is resistant to heat.

Enzymes increase the accumulation of many kinds of good bacteria,
They have many positive effects such as constipation resolution・ for detox ・and
even for skin tension.
Now it is widely known all over the world that to maintain intestinal health is a key
factor in maintaining one’ s health.

World beauticians know that enzymes are a really important factor for our health.
There is a low molecular enzyme called「 ENZAMIN 」 in Japan now.
ENZAMIN is a coined word that combines the
following words.
Enzyme ENZ, amino acid A and vitamin MIN.
It is called 「 ENM」for short.
Enzymes are generally weak against heat and usually can’t survive against the acids
in the stomach.
But「 ENM」is resistant to both heat and acids in the stomach, due to its low
molecular property.
And so is absorbed directly in the intestine.

Also, it is commonly known to be probiotic, which means it acts directly on the body
without going through the intestinal flora. This allows for the balance of the
intestinal flora to become normal.

Enzymes are classified into digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes, and enzyme
production continuously decreases with aging. Since enzyme production decreases
with age, many enzymes turn to digestive enzymes and the body runs out of
metabolic enzymes, which is one of the main causes of obesity
When we get older, we have to compensate for our short enzyme supply with various
Our product effectively combines a unique enzyme that is resistant to both heat and
acid. It is called「ENZAMIN」or commonly known as「CELEBMIN BEAUTY」.

The start of CELEBMIN BEAUTY came about from the encounter of the
president of Staff of Life Ltd., who was researching new health and beauty effects,
 with an emeritus professor, who is a proponent of bionics. They collaborated with
one another to develop these products.
All because of a shared desire:「 We would like to develop products for both beauty
and health that can be truly felt.」,

・We only use natural materials.
・We never add preservatives.
・We attempt to reduce the bitterness of ENM to make it more quaffable.

Through trial and error, and after many attempts we have made a delicious drink,
much like juice.

There are many enzyme products on the market which are heat-treated and have no
effect. They are mostly made of sugar water but claim to be enzymes.
The price range of that kind of product is roughly $ 15 to $ 50.

If you drink such an enzyme, over time you’ ll become diabetic rather than becoming
Since there are many consumers who are attracted to the price range, it is almost
impossible to suppress the cost and mass-produce.

We’ ve earned a great reputation from many satisfied customers who have drank
this product「CLELBMIN BEAUTY」.

・” I was suffering from rough, dry hands, but after drinking Celebmin Beauty , my
skin became smooth again.”
・” My constipation got better.”
・” My skin became firm and tightened, and also cleared of any blemishes.”
・” My wrinkles and freckles have disappeared.” ,
・” My skin gradually became silky smooth.”
・My metabolism got boosted, and I was able to lose some weight.” .
・My dog’ s fur became vibrant and beautiful.”

These are all results acquired from intestinal bacteria.
Anti-aging from the inside acts on the whole body.
A single bottle should last for one month if you mix 20 ml to 40 ml into your favorite
drink. It’ s recommended that you drink the mixture before going to bed.
Our recommendation is to drink it mixed with soy milk.
You acquire the benefits of isoflavones and proteins together at the same time.
What’ s more your skin will become clear and radiant.
We cannot mass-produce because we incorporate living enzymes efficiently, which
may cause delays in delivery. Also, there are no preservatives in the living enzymes,
so refrigeration is required.

Why don’ t you try to regenerate the natural living enzymes in your own intestines,
the source of Japanese beauty, for the benefits of a healthy life?
You most definitely can feel the difference.