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Feel the quick revitalizing effect of our products- – –
from animals and plants to humans!
Our natural active enzyme water is also recommended for getting rid of unwanted nauseous smells.
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Please see the difference of before-and-after using
the enzyme water.
“Left” Female skin before applying
“Right” Female skin after applying
A hen’s egg soaked in our enzyme water.
Please look at the fresh yolk pictured.
Green wind Co has always kept in mind the principles of “Being friendly to the earth, environment, and nature, all the while making our living environment more comfortable”.
The company was founded in 2003.
And now we focus on our enzyme water, and various related products.

This enzyme water was created with a combination of fermentation, which is part of old-Japanese culture, and up to date modern technologies.

We believe that you will quickly realize that this enzyme water will make lives more favorable for animals and human-beings.
You will feel its effect as a deodorizer as well.

We recognize that the details of this item contain so many descriptions.
However, we encourage you to read all of them.

In Japan, it is used in various ways on farms and also for treating sullage.
And at peoples’ homes it is used in various ways such as for deodorizer, skin regeneration, anti-aging, animal’s hair treatment, and even for animal’s health.

We also have other selected products available.

Please watch the trailer for the product and its background story, given below.

Buy it online, directly from Japanese makers.
Your choice can decide the best way to use.

Our enzyme water can be used in diverse ways such as for skin regeneration, for protection against the common cold, to gain physical strength, for your home garden, and so on.
If you choose to apply this enzyme water in these recommended ways, your cost reduction should be greater than expected.

Price: US $40~/ 1PC
( price negotiable depending on quantity )
Capacity: 1L / 1Bottle
Size: H10cm x W13cm x D6cm
Min Order: 16 bottle~
Delivery Time: Shipped within 1 week after payment confirmation.
Mineral ingredients:
Calcium ,potassium ,phosphorus ,magnesium ,sulfur ,silicon ,sodium etc,
Country of Origin: Made in Japan

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Please see the difference before-and-after using the enzyme water.
(「Left」Female skin before applying「Right」Female skin after applying)
(「Left」A mushroom after applying「Right」A mushroom before applying)
Animals and human beings exist together with the earth.
Today, all living natural beings are losing their intrinsic energy by contamination
caused by scientific technology and its many repercussions.

The bonds people have developed with nature seem to be disappearing little by little.
Our lives have become tougher to live.
We can become healthier by enjoying natural blessings.

Green Wind Co. was founded to make people more energetic and to make our lives
more comfortable .
Our main product is「 Zero Power Chikara」which has some surprising effects.

Green Wild Co has always kept in mind the principles of「 Being friendly to the earth,
environment, and nature, all the while making our living environment more
And now we focus on our enzyme water, and other selected products.
「We want to help push global environments back to their intrinsic conditions somehow.
We want to reduce the number of patients with cancer, various unrecognized
lifestyle diseases, and intractable diseases caused by DNA.」

To cause scientific substances, such as radiation, to decompose, microbe activity and
regeneracy are a proven necessity.

「It’s time to revive the earth’ s and human beings’ natural healing forces.」

The roots of nature and of the very Earth itself….
These elements lie in microbes.

Microbes discompose soil and create fertile lands.
And then the crops grown in the fertile lands are filled with energy and power.
Microbes help us to maintain balances of funguses in our body, our intestinal
environments, and to beat internal harmful bacteria, as well as to activate cells.
Microbes are helpful to us in maintaining our youth in terms of physical aspects.
Land where microbes disappeared from technological contaminations gets hard and dry, and crops can no longer grow there.

Our bodies become contaminated with additives which increases harmful bacteria, deteriorates intestinal environments, weakens immune systems, and makes our body weaker.
In addition to that, detox cannot sufficiently occur.

Even if you have the latest scientific achievements at hand….
Living beings such as humans and animals can’t be expected to exceed this natural

The recipe is a trade secret, but it was created by complex fermentation of extracts
from 8 plants, such as: bamboo, plum, fig, soybean curd refuse, pulp and molasses.
It may surprise you, but it is completed by decomposing this fermented liquid with
numerous microorganisms.

What do microbes do for all living beings??
Microbes revive nature, increase natural healing forces of plants and living beings.
And also they discompose foul smell.

Applied effects for all the steps of growing plants :.
・Soil becomes fertile
・Plants grow a lot healthier
・House plants become rejuvenated
・Large flowers start to bloom.
・Natural healing forces of animals and human beings are revived by removing toxins
from their bodies.

・Recovery of skin
・Regeneration of skin
・Hair growth, and enhanced treatment for animal hair.
・Improvement of visceral diseases (hypertension, malignant tumors becoming
smaller, chronic diseases improving for the better)
・To gain physical strength against the common cold.

Decomposition of foul odors.
(For example)
・Eliminating pet odors
・Eliminating toilet odors
・Purification of sewage
・Reducing odors of refrigerators and chopping boards from the smell of fish
Decomposition of foul odors.
(For example)
・Eliminating pet odors
・Eliminating toilet odors
・Purification of sewage
・Reducing odors of refrigerators and chopping boards from the smell of fish
Decomposition of dirt
(For example)
・Oil on the ventilator fan can be taken off easily
・No need for floor cleaning detergent
・Purification of drainage ditch
Microbes bring such benefits to living things throughout nature.
In addition to this, it is harmless as it is completely natural.

Currently in Japan,
Microbes are being used to deodorize composting plants and pig farms.
Also, many people with chronic diseases have lessened their suffering, and there are
stories of rejuvenated pets and house plants.

It is full of surprises, and many people are astonished at the true power of nature.

It is very easy to use.
There are a lot of ways of using this product depending on what you use it for.

To use as a deodorizer, dilute by 100 times
To apply to plants, dilute by 500 times
To apply to animals, dilute by 500 times
To apply to people, dilute by 10 times
To drink, dilute by 100 times
As for applying to your skin, dilute by 10 times and spray on your skin.

Our enzyme water comes in a 1 liter container.
It can be used for a long period without waste, since you basically use it diluted.
Depending on how you use it, there are many usages.

・Put a small amount into the washing machine, when washing clothes.
・Spray it to get rid of bad smells lingering in your car
・To prevent from having bad breath, spray it in your mouth as a breath freshener.
・Spray it after smoking
・Drop a bit of it in a flower vase to vitalize flowers.

And so on.
There are infinite ways to use.

And also, you can alter the amount of dilution most suitable for yourself.

There is no harm even if you consume too much.
It’ s just a waste, though.

This seemingly magical enzyme water was created with a combination of
fermentation, which is part of old-Japanese culture, and up to date modern

Our focus is to treat and invigorate items, while preserving culture and
technologies, which are the fruits of human wisdom. In addition to that, we resolve
to be friendly to the earth and human beings.