Lemon Grass Tea (Leaf)

Lemon Grass Tea (Leaf)
Price: $16.2
Capacity: 100g(3.53oz)
Size per 1bags:
Ingredients: Only Lemon Grass Leaf
Min Order: 10bags~
Delivery Time: Shipped within 1 week after payment confirmation.
Country of Origin: Made in Japan

About the products
Relaxing effects・Healthy digestive function・Support for concentration・Energizing effects・Antibacterial action・Highly recommended for nursing mothers.
You can add a tea bag to your spa to experience a most comforting spa experience.
In addition to that, you can apply it to Asian cuisines as spice.

Effects of the lemon grass
・Benefit for your skin
・Healthy digestive function and natural diuretic effects
・Antibacterial action・Antivirus action
・Insect repellent
・Relaxing and refreshing effects
・Stabilization for your cholesterol

・Lemon grass has a beneficial detoxing effect, and it has also attracted people’s attention as a weight loss tea.
And it is well known as being a「Helpful herb for increasing the volume of your breastmilk」among mothers.
Since the lemon grass has antibacterial effects and antivirus effects, it is very healthy even for the babies drinking the breastmilk.

Nutrient composition of the lemon grass
・Vitamin A
・Vitamin C
・Folic acid
・Zinc・Iron content・Copper content
Of course, it is non-caffeine